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offers 3 large double rooms S1, S3, and S4, one small double room – so-called „teenager room“ S2 for children & teenagers between 4 and 16 years old, as well as one studio apartment for two adults  ( A52 ) or parents with 1-2 children in the age 4 to 16 ( A54 ). The total capacity is 8 adults and 4 children.

For detailed information regarding the accommodation, please visit the desired unit page.

For all of you that either of our rooms nor apartment can accommodate your needs, we offer various combinations comprising of rooms
and/or apartments inclusive of the free use of our large summer kitchen located at the terrace and/or the main kitchen in the basement.

There are 6 available combinations, we call them COMBOS:

Listings located on the 1st floor utilizing the summer kitchen i.e.:

C12, C23: large double room Sl or S3 in conjunction with the teenager room S2

C123: complete 1st floor ( S1, S2, and S3 )

Listings located on the 2nd floor utilizing the main kitchen i.e.:

C452: large double room S4 in conjunction with apartment A52
C454: large double room S4 in conjunction with apartment A54
H12: entire house including all rooms, apartment, and both kitchens.

Of course, all of this assumes also to have your breakfast, lunch, or evening meals at our large terrace equipped with four tables with associated chairs as well as an open-air barbecue or, depending on weather conditions, in our breakfast/dining lounge.

All these combinations include also the use of our 8 sqm large service room for laundry & ironing.

For availability and reservations, please check the Reservations Page.