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Rental Policies

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Reservations are confirmed by e-mail booking confirmation and are subject to the downpayment of 30% of the total due, payable within 10 days upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

Reservation cancellation will be accepted at the latest 6 calendar weeks before scheduled arrival (reference date as per booking confirmation). Downpayment will be refunded to the guest’s bank account within two weeks after receipt of the cancellation notice. There is a 5% surcharge on the total amount of the down payment to cover bank costs and paperwork. Guest leaving earlier than the number of nights specified in the rental reservations agree to forfeit their downpayment and to pay for all nights booked.


Check-in time is from 15:00 to 21:30. Early or late check-in is available upon request and e-mail agreement confirmation. Check-out time is 11.00.

The buildings indoors are entirely smoke-free. Smoking is allowed at outside locations only (terrace, balcony, garden). We will charge you a 50 EUR cleaning fee if this is not respected.


Villa Grič accepts well-mannered dogs only on a limited basis and by advanced reservation under the following conditions:
• at check-in, guests with a pet will agree to our “pet responsibility agreement” which authorizes payment for any damage caused by their pet
• we charge a nightly fee according to the price list
• dogs maybe not be allowed during certain holidays or special events, please check for availability
• dogs must be under owner control, on the leash if necessary, and shall not disturb other guests
• dogs are not allowed on any furniture in the room and must not be left alone


We, as individuals, family, and Villa keepers, believe that each one of us must reduce our impact on the environment, educate and raise awareness on ways to preserve our natural resources, and keep it the way we and you love it for many generations to come. Therefore:
• we recycle as much as we can (newspapers, paper, plastic, aluminum, tin cans, glass, etc.), please dispose of your recyclable items in the containers that are on the outdoor porch
• turn all the lights off when you leave your room
• close the windows and balcony shutters during the hot daytime – our stone house with its very thick stone walls allows the inside temperature, even during the hot summer months, to remain moderate. Low energy ceiling fan with remote control will do the job and help to avoid huge energy waste which would occur if we would install air conditioning
• reuse your room towels, towels will be changed on a 3-day basis, beddings weekly
• if you use our common areas in the evening, turn off all the lights when you leave including the one in the stairway
• let us know when a faucet or toilet is leaking so that we can fix it.

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